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Michael Stark, Program Chairman

Each week RIAOC presents a Speaker with a topical subject of interest and enlightenment. The date, speaker and current topic are announced in advance below and in the Gold Sheet. We encourage participation from interested parties who can enrich the knowledge of our membership. If you have a recommendation or would like to be a speaker, please contact Michael Stark at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

David Compton


Michael Anaya, CCIM
Auction.com Commercial
“Auction.com – The Nation’s Leading Online Real Estate Marketplace”

Program by Mel Wagstaff

- See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.unlsThKy.dpuf


Michael Anaya, CCIM
Auction.com Commercial
“Auction.com – The Nation’s Leading Online Real Estate Marketplace”

Program by Mel Wagstaff

- See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.unlsThKy.dpuf

Program by Mel Wagstaff


Norm Rodich, Attorney
Greg Weiler, Attorney

- See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.9AeHckjG.dpuf

3/27/2018 - Tyler Portman, Agent, GMPropertiesInc.com
“Using RIAOC Forms to Market Your Properties”

3/20/2018 - John Baker, Attorney, BakerLawGroup.com

3/13/2018 - Kevin Kaltenbach, - Senior Financial Group, Inc.
“Home Buying in Reverse, Discover the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Loan”

3/6/2018 - Program by Mel Wagstaff

2/27/2018 - Joel Carlson, Broker, JoeaCarlson.com
“C.A.R. Forms Update”

2/20/2018 - TBD

2/13/2018 - Dean Burnett, Coast to Coast Escrow Services, Inc., C2cescrow.com

2/6/2018 - Program by Mel Wagstaff

1/30/2018 - Real Estate RoundTable Event

1/23/2018 - Pete Wittlin, Attorney
“Stipulated Evictions for Landlords – Avoiding Uncertainty”

1/16/2018 - DARK

1/9/2018 - Joseph R. Spierer, Architect, Calarchitect.com
“Design and Construction – What to expect during the process”

12/19/17, 12/26/2017, 01/02/2018 - DARK

12/12/2017 Annual RIAOC Breakfast

12/05/2017 -  Steve Gaita, Lemonlight Media; Matt Humphrey of Movement Mortgage.
"Getting Started with Video Marketing"

11/28/2017 - Hugh Nguyen, Orange County Clerk-Recorder, OCRecorder.com

11/21/2017 - DARK

11/14/2017 - Nick Lieberman, President, Bona Fide Mortgage,BonafideMortgage.com
“Income Property Financing – What to Expect in 2018 How the US economy and political environment will impact commercial property lending”

11/07/2017 - Andrew Bermudez of Digsy 
"The Digsy Program of Effective Marketing"

10/31/2017 - Ashkan Hejazi, Esq.
"Persuasive Communication: The Secret to Getting What You Want in Life and Business"

10/24/2017 -  John Baker, attorney
"Duties of Broker, Seller and Buyer to Disclose or Is it true that what I don’t know won’t hurt me?"

10/17/2017 - Jerry Prendergast, Prendergast & Associates RestaurantProducer.com
“How to convince a landlord to let a startup restaurant take their space.”

10/10/2017 - DARK

10/3/2017 - Steve Narish - CREXI
“Advanced CRE Market Place”

9/26/2017 - Martin Brower, Real Estate Columnist for Coast Magazine
“What’s New in Orange County Commercial Real Estate?”

9/19/2017 - David M. Gerson, Attorney GersonTrustLaw.com
“The Impact of the Inheritance Tax On Estate Planning.”

9/12/2017 - Steven J. Zipperman, Attorney - Zipperman.com

9/5/2017 - DARK

8/29/2017 - Elana A. Luber, Attorney
“Retail Commercial Leases”

8/22/2017 - Sam Hashizu, CPA/Entrepreneur ,Takenaga, Hashizu, Jay & Co.THJ-CPA.com
“How to manifest your inner most desire by understanding law of attraction”

8/15/2017 - Jim Palmer
“Ten-X helps you find the Unknown Buyer”

8/8/2017 - JoelCarlson, Broker, JoelCarlson.com
“Update on Real Estate Forms”

8/1/2017 - Brandon Koepnick, Xceligent
“Xceligent Coverage and Data locally, and nationally”

7/25/2017 -Elana Luber, Atty
"Retail Commercial Leases".

7/18/2017 - Real Estate RoundTables

7/11/2017 - Jennifer Y. Hsieh, CPA,
“Tax Deductions for Real Estate Professionals and Clients”

7/4/2017 - DARK

6/27/2017 - Abigale James, Director of Southern California Bisnow.com

6/20/17 - Joel Sheldon,Wealth Planning Advisor, Lincoln Financial Advisors, Irvine CA &
Charles A. Jensen,Senior Vice President, Inland Securities Corporation,Inland-investments.com
“1031 Exchange Education: Realtor Solutions Providing a Tax-Free Exit”

6/13/2017 - Dinesh Rao, CDR Group, cdrenv.com
“How to Obtain Funding to Clean up Contaminated Properties”

6/6/2017 - Mel Wagstaff - Mel’s Listing Corner

5/30/2017 - DARK

5/23/2017 - Mustafa Shaikhly - Founder & CEO of MTS Development, MTSDevelopment.com
“The Roadmap to Designing a Better Mobile Experience”

5/16/2017 - Peter C. Wittlin, Attorney
“Summary of Developments on Broker-Client Cases”

5/9/2017 - Matthew Winefield,Winefieldinc.com
“Saving a Property Transaction When Faced with Contamination”
Matt Winefield's PPT Presentation.

5/2/2017- George Wilson - ACI Commercial Insurance
“Insurance & E&O”

4/25/2017 - Victoria Buckels, Professional Plan Administrators, PPAdmin.com

4/18/2017 - Real Estate RoundTables -  Bob Frunz, Moderator
You'll want to attend this meeting. There will be a lot good information from four different speakers on topical subjects of interest and enlightenment. Come and see what you can learn in Investment and Commerical Real Estate. Check Home page for speakers. We start at 8:30 AM and will be finished about 10:30 AM. There is a nominal $10 fee.

4/11/2017 - Joel Carlson, Broker
“AIR Purchase Form”

4/4/2017 - Elana Luber, Attorney
“Retail Commercial Leases”. Understanding What You Are Signing In A Retail Commercial Lease –
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Clauses-Tenant and Landlord Perspective

3/28/2107  - Steve Spears, Attorney

3/21/2017 - Rich Gaines, Speaker, Author, J.D., LL.M. Taxation
“Multiply Wealth Now!

3/14/2017 - Albert Qian, Marketing Manager and Founder, Albert’s List LinkedIn.com/in/Albertqian
“How to build online communities around your real estate business.”

3/7/2017 - David Rosenthal, Rosenthal Land Advocates
“How the Land Advocacy Brokering Method Significantly Increases Selling Prices & Broker Fees”

2/28/2017 - Maureen Umana Boatman, Prudential
“How Financial Advisors use the tax triangle to manage taxes in retirement. Control when and how you’re taxed!”

2/21/2107 - DARK

2/14/2017 - John Dade, EssexAssetMgt.com
“Looking For A Better Home For Your Funds Between Deals”

2/7/2017 - Jack Snow, Movement Mortgage
“FHA Rehab Loans”

1/31/2017 - Brian Andersen, FirstClassConnection.net
“Communication Technology for Real Estate Professionals”

1/24/2017 - Thomas Mitchell, Mass Mutual Financial Group
“Creating Your Own Bank”

1/17/2017 - DARK

1/10/2017 - John Baker, Attorney
“Landlord Responsibilities for Habitability”

1/3/2017 - DARK - 12/27/2016 - DARK - 12/20/2016 - DARK

12/13/2014 - RIAOC Breakfast

12/6/2016 - David Mashian, Broker
“10 Steps How to get Commercial Listings”

11/29/2016 - Real Estate RoundTables -  Bob Frunz, Moderator
You'll want to attend this meeting. There will be a lot good information from four different speakers on topical subjects of interest and enlightenment. Come and see what you can learn in Investment and Commerical Real Estate. Check Home page for speakers.

11/22/2016 - DARK

11/15/2016 - Nick Zargarpour, Attorney, Zarlawfirm.com
“10 things non-lawyers need to know about contracts”

11/8/2016 - Gregg Arends, Adjunct Professor, CalPoly Pomona Score114.org
“Marketing Essentials For Small Business”

11/1/2016 - Mickey Gubman, Cerified Business Coach

10/25/2016 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney

10/18/2016 - Cathy Houwen, Send Out Cards
“Relationship Marketing- Be Ahead of the Trend”

10/11/2016 - DARK

10/4/2016 - Mark Mikelat
“The Power of the Inbox-Email Marketing that works”

9/27/2016 - Steve Zipperman, Attorney

9/20/2016 - Leisa Reid, ProductiveLearning.com
“Maximize Your Potential”

9/13/2016 - Brenda Williams, Academy for Leadership Communication,academyflc.com
“Empowering Peak Performance Through Communication, Collaboration, and Innovation”

9/06/2016 - DARK

8/30/2016  - Gary Howard, CPA, GLHowardCPA.com
“Forensic Accounting and Fraud Prevention for Business”

8/23/2016 - John Baker, BbakerLawGroup.com
“Buyer Agreements”

8/16/2016 - Maureen Umana Boatman, Prudential

8/9/2016 - Joseph Mann, Fraser Financial Group
“Diversifying your Investments for Retirement and Estate Planning”

8/2/2016 - Alan Desai and Neel Desai, Desai Diversified Investments
“Case history of buying property from government in auction and selling back to the government with huge profit ”

7/26/2016 - Real Estate RoundTables

7/19/2016 - Scott Hamilton, Founder, ENPInstitute.com
“Next Practices Business Strategies for the Real Estate Industry: 5 Emerging Potentially Disruptive Trends”

7/12/2016 - Alexander Lee, Kimleellp.com & Chris Friedl,NuCapital.com
“Installment Sale Montetization Loan – Defer Capital Gains Tax for 30 years”

7/5/2016 - DARK

6/28/2016 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney
“Protecting the Broker’s Right to a Commission”

6/21/2016 - Joel Carlson, Broker
AIR Commercial Property Purchase Form Review

6/14/2016 - Joe DeCarlo,JD Property Management, Inc.,JDProperty.com
“Wealth Management for Real Estate Professionals”

6/7/2016 - Joe Brady, TheBradcoCompanies.com
“How I became a successful Real Estate Broker”

5/31/2016 - DARK

5/24/2016 - Cindy Carpenter
“How You Can Close More Deals Using One Simple, Powerful Strategy”

5/17/2016 - Marshall Northcutt, TheSalesAdvantage.Training
“Successfully Handling and Overcoming Objections”

5/10/2016 - Christopher Skorina, Attorney, Mosher-Skorina.com
“Legal Issues Created By Short Term Rentals”

5/3/2016 - “RICS Futures Insight: Our Changing World”

4/26/2016 - E. Lamont Cosby, CostSegServ.com
“Tangible Property Regulations: Friends do not let friends over pay federal income taxes”

4/19/2016 - Marilyn August, - ProfitGPS.com
“Prospecting for Profits”

4/12/2016 - Ricardo S. Chance, Managing Director, Investment Banking KPMG Corporate Finance LLC
“The Next Wave of Leisure & Wellness Product Innovations”

4/5/2015 - Ken Hira, Kosmont Company, Kosmont.com
"Retail Trends, Public-Private Partnerships, & New Economic Tools for Development"

3/29/2015 - Real Estate Roundtable:
"Four dynamic speakers for this Tuesday’s “Round Table”:

1. Kris Etemadi from Sperry Commercial: "The Apartment Market."
2. John Baker from Baker Law Group: "Broker's Responsibilities To Their Client."
3. Ed Nance from Wells Fargo Bank: "SBA Loans."
4. Dean and Brenda Burnett from Coast To Coast Escrow Services, INC. "Escrows."

3/22/2015 - John Baker, Attorney, - BakerLawGroup.com

3/15/2015 - Rondi J. Walsh, Attorney
“Pursuing Business and Property-Related Insurance Claims”

3/8/2015 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney
"Handling Probate Sales of Realty”

3/1/2016 - Speaker from Inland Real Estate Corp

2/23/2016 - Dan Wychulis, Managing Director RealConnex.com

2/16/2016 - DARK

2/9/2016  - Marshall Krupp, Vistage
“The Personal Gremlins that Keep us From Raising the Bar of Success”

2/2/2016 - Lisa Kim, - Economic Development Director for the City of Orange,
“Understanding Redevelopment Dissolution 101 and transforming new Economic Development Initiatives in Orange County.”

1/26/2016 - Joel Carlson, MJC Realty, JoelCarlson.com
“CAR Commercial Forms Seminar”

1/19/2016 - DARK

1/12/2016 - Michael Anderson, Founder, ExecutiveJoy.com
“Elevated Leadership: The Roadmap to Unlocking the Natural Leader within You”

1/5/2016 - Greg Jones, Broker - JonesRE.net

12/29/2015 - DARK - Happy New Year!

12/22/2015 - DARK - MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to all!

12/15/2015 - RIAOC Breakfast

12/8 - Samantha Jackson-Kittle, New York Life Insurance Company
“The Importance of Building Your Financial House”

12/1/2015 - John Baker, "New laws that go into effect in 2016"

11/24/2015 - DARK

11/17/2015 - Richard Ward, Financial Planner, Stifel Investment Services
“Turning Success into Significance”

11/10/2015 - DARK

11/3/2015 - David Mashian, Sperry Van Ness

10/27/2015 - Martin Brower, Coast Magazine Columnist
“What’s Ahead in Orange County”

10/20/2015 - Steven F. Spierer, Attorney
“How To Practice Real Estate Without Getting Sued”

10/13/2015 - DARK

10/6/2015 - Gene Trowbridge, Attorney
“Real Estate Syndication”

9/29/2015 - Joe DeCarlo, JDProperty.com
“How Owners Can Comply With 25% Water Reduction Mandate”

9/22/2015 - The Real Estate RoundTable

9/15/2015 - Darlynn Morgan - Morgan Law Group
“Estate Planning Essentials for Real Estate Professionals, What Real Estate Professionals Need to Know”

9/8/2015 - DARK

9/1/2015 -  Mark Mikelat, ConstantContact.com

8/25/2015 - Pat Burns, Co-Founder Orange County Children’s Book Festival – KidsBookFestival.com
“Change The World, Creating A Lasting Legacy”

8/18/2015 - J. Scott Souders, Attorney
“Recent Developments in Real Estate Law”

8/11/2015 - Stephanie Paul, AdvanceYour.org
“Mastering Your Message”

8/4/2015 - Samson Lov, KossResource.com
“Simple Tools to Get More Listings, More Sales, and More Free Time ”

7/28/2015 - Cecilia Gorman,Creative-Career.com
“Everyone Communicates, Few Connect"

7/21/2015  - Carl Sherrill, President, SherrillCo.com

7/14/2015 - David J. Myers, DJMyers-LaLaw.com
“Protect Contracts And Avoid Liability”

7/7/2015 - DARK

6/30/2015 - Jonathan Lansner, OC Register Business Columnist

6/23/2015 - Cheryl Wyland, Park Center Exchange Inc.,
“Reverse Exchanges”

6/16/2015 - John Baker, Attorney, BakerLawGroup.com

6/9/2015 - Leisa Reid, ProductiveLearning.com - “Are You Leaving Money on the Table?”

6/2/2015 - Matt Smith, RealNex.com

5/26/2015 - DARK

5/19/2015 - Bette Tydings, RIA, Tydings and Associates,
"€œLong Term Care and Life Settlements"

5/12/2015 - Christopher O. Schulz, President & Publisher Orange Coast Magazine
"The Changing Media Landscape Of Orange County"

5/5/2015 - Rafael Gevorkian, Permit Place

4/28/2015 - Ric Franzi, Founder, CriticalMassForBusiness.com

4/21/2015 - Pete Wittlin, Attorney "Year 2014 Key Court Decisions & Legislative Changes for Realtors."€

4/14/2015 - David Rohlander, DavidRohlander.com  "The CEO Code"

4/7/2015 - Nita Pichedvanichok, Real Estate Broker, CCIM

3/31/2015 - Steve Zipperman, Attorney

3/24/2015 - Joel Carlson, Broker, JoelCarlson.com
"Changes in the Commercial Purchase Agreement, plus Agency."

3/17/2015 - Shelley Whizin, Founder SoulDivingInstitute.com
"€œMy Life Re-Imagined'

3/10/2015 - Quarterly "Round Table" Meeting. This week we have 4 presenters instead of one!
Carl Sherrill: "Blended Score-Clear Real Estate Strategies."
John Baker: "Powers of Attorney-What Can You Use Them For?"
Joel Carlson: "Contracts-An Evil Necessity".
Charlie Kennedy: "Team Building-Leveraging Values".
Afterward; Joel will offer a Continuing Education Course for only $79. This is a great way to easily, cheaply, and quickly get your 45 hours out of the way. Don't wait til the last minute, like I always do, to get your continuing education requirements done.

3/3/2015 - Brandon Koepknik, Xceligent.com

2/24/2015 - Jacqueline Sidman, Ph.D., SidmanSolution.com
“How to take your career to the next level.”

2/17/2015 - DARK

2/10/2015 - Anabella Q. Bonfa,Attorney at Law
“Using LinkedIn to Show Your Unique Qualities”

2/3/2015 - Rick Sharga, Executive Vice President Auction.com
“Real Estate is Moving Online: How the Internet is Impacting the Real Estate Market”

1/27/2015 - Carl Sherrill, President SherrillCo.com
“Smart capital investment planning for commercial and residential income real estate”

1/20/2015 - DARK

1/13/2015 - Wanda Allen, FollowUpSavvy.com
“If the fortune is in the follow up- why don’t you consistently do it?”

1/6/2015 - Greg Jones, Broker, JonesRE.net

12/30/2014 - DARK

12/23/2014 - DARK

12/16/2014 - RIAOC Breakfast

12/09/2014 - Pete Wittlin, Attorney
“Protecting the Broker’s Right to a Commission – Seller Agent’s Duty to Investigate & Disclose Permit History or Other Public Facts Concerning the Property”

12/02/2014 - Program by Mel Wagstaff
Charlie Kennedy, Former Commercial R.E. Mgr, Current Professional R.E. Coach,
and Active Apartment Broker - “Business Planning for Real Estate Agents”

11/25/2014 - DARK

11/18/2014 - Cornell Iliescu, NobleCauseFoundation.com

11/11/2014 - DARK

11/04/2014 - David Mashian, Sperry Van Ness

10/28/2014 - David Rhodes, Attorney

10/21/2014 - Sanjay Dalal, Founder Ogoing.com

10/14/2014 - DARK

10/7/2014 - Bill Ukropina. Coldwell Banker

9/30/2014 - Program by Lew Elliott,
“Have You Benchmarked Your Building?”

9/23/2014 - Robert Binkele, MyEPT.com, Cleo Katz
“Defer Capital Gains Tax When You Sell Your Business Through The Deferred Sales Trust”

9/16/2014 - Koz Tsukamoto, Wealth Manager, AcceleratedCG.com
“The Great American Retirement Crisis”

9/9/2014 - Real Estate RoundTables

9/2/2014 - DARK

8/26/2014 - Stephen Gregg - TheSalesCoachingPro.com

8/19/2014 - Steven Spierer, Attorney
“How to practice real estate without getting sued.”

8/12/2014 - Kirk Summers, Financial Advisor
“Retirement Planning for the Self Employed.”

8/5/2014 - Howard Kline, CRE Radio

Howard Kline,
CRE Radio

7/29/2014 - Supervisor John Moorlach (If you weren't there, you missed a great presentation!!!)
Second District Supervisor, Orange County Board of Supervisors

7/22/2014 - Todd Wohl, Braunco.com
“Real estate auctions: When and how they serve and protect you, your business, and your clients.”

7/15/2014 - John Baker, Attorney
“Powers of Attorney: When to use the different forms of powers of attorney.”

Haves & Wants Marketplace


6/24/2014 - Dan Spinogatti, Senior Vice President, EBI Consulting
“An update on environmental due diligence, current standards, and best practices.”

6/17/2014 - Rommel Anacan, RelationshipDifference.com
“How to Communicate Effectively in a Social Media World”

6/10/2014 - Ursula Mentjes, President of Sales Coach Now
“The Seven Sales Blocks that Keep You Stuck in Scarcity”

6/3/2014 - Jeremy Lehman, President of PAC West Board of Realtors

Jeremy Lehman,
President of PAC West Board of Realtors - See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.lu6FbyRs.dpuf
Jeremy Lehman,
President of PAC West Board of Realtors - See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.lu6FbyRs.dpuf
Jeremy Lehman,
President of PAC West Board of Realtors - See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.lu6FbyRs.dpuf

5/27/2014 - DARK

5/20/2014 - Norm Rodich, Attorney, Greg Weiler, Attorney

5/13/2014 - Martin Brower - Coast Magazine, Columnist

5/6/2014 - Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact
“High Level Best Practices”

4/29/2014 - Real Estate RoundTables

4/22/2014 - Robert D. Brugge, Attorney
“What you need to know about Agents and Brokers Professional Error and Omissions Coverage”

4/15/2014 - Joe DeCarlo, JDProperty.com

4/08/2014 - Ron Schuster’s Real Estate Panel
“Understanding what you are signing in a lease – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

4/1/2014 - Melinda Johnson, Freedom First Properties

3/25/2014 - Tony Mercado, BPSBenefits.com
“The Affordable Care Act and You”

3/18/2014 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney
“Commercial Sales- Enforceable Penalty Clauses- New Case Law”

3/11/2014 - Joseph Nardulli, Attorney; Eric Dean, Attorney

3/4/2014 - Rand Sperry, Owner - Sperry Commercial
"The 'One' Speech - What it takes to succeed"

Sperry Commercial
Rand Sperry, Owner
Sperry Commercial
Rand Sperry, Owner
Sperry Commercial

2/25/2014 - Verlaine Crawford, Author
“Reduce Stress and Increase Success by Ending the Battle Within”

2/18/2014 - DARK

2/11/2014 - J. Robert Eckley, Attorney
“Firewalling Assets with the New Tax Laws”

2/4/2014 - Patrick Sharples, Broker; Michael Stark, Broker
“Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Virtual Tours”

1/28/2013 - Joshua Felice, Attorney
“Risk Management for Brownfield Transactions”

1/21/2014 - DARK

1/14/2014 - Michael Anaya, CCIM, Auction.com Commercial
“Auction.com – The Nation’s Leading Online Real Estate Marketplace”

1/7/2014 - Greg Jones, JonesRE.net

12/24/2013 - 12/31/2013 - DARK

12/17/2013 - Holiday Breakfast
Meeting @ Busy Apron Coffee Shop, 1221 E Lincoln Ave, Anaheim

12/10/2013 - Craig A. Brock, CraigBrock.com, “Forecast for 2014″

12/3/2013 - Bill Ukropina, Coldwell Banker Commercial North County

11/26/2013 - Leisa Ruiz, ProductiveLearning.com
“Uncovering Obstacles in the Way of Your Success”

11/19/2013 - Scott Souders, Attorney
“Recent Developments in Real Estate Law”

11/12/2013 - DARK

11/5/2013 - Brad Umansky, Broker, Progressive Real Estate,
"The Wheel of Success- Making Yourself a Better Investment Sales Broker"

“The Wheel of Success- Making Yourself a Better Investment Sales Broker” - See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.RJ6UArgd.dpuf
“The Wheel of Success- Making Yourself a Better Investment Sales Broker” - See more at: http://www.southerncaliforniabroker.com/2010/03/29/riaoc-calendar-2010-riaoc-program-chairman-michael-stark-postyourpropertycom/#sthash.RJ6UArgd.dpuf

10/29/2013 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney, Legal Tips for Realtors: Protecting the Rights to a Commission

10/22/2013 - Paul Fernandez, Interior Designer
“How Interior Design Helps Sells Properties”

10/15/2013 - DARK

10/8/2013 - AJ DiLiberto, President; FiduciaryPlannersInsurance.com
“Upcoming Changes To Health Care Insurance”

10/1/2013 - David Compton, PracticalResources.net

9/24/2013 - Steven Russell, ColonialLife.com
“Subsidizing Your Retirement”

9/17/2013 - Real Estate Round Table Seminars
Table #1: Joel Carlson will be talking about "Analyzing Income Property".
Table #2: Nick Lieberman will be talking about "Money & the Economy"
Table #3: Mel Wagstaff will be talking about "Prospecting"
Table #4: Mark Wyland -Using The Gold Sheet

9/102013  - Chris Barbieri, CEO, BlocksCRE.com
“CRM On Steroids”

9/3/2013 - DARK

8/27/2013 - Cheryl Wyland, Burrow Escrow - "Reverse Exchanges"

Cheryl Wyland
Reverse Exchanges
Cheryl Wyland
Reverse Exchanges
Cheryl Wyland
Reverse Exchanges
Cheryl Wyland
Reverse Exchanges
Cheryl Wyland
Reverse Exchanges

8/20/2013 - Bryan Mashian, Esq., MashianLaw.com

8/13/2013 -  Marika Erdely - GreenEconoME.com

8/6/2013 - Steve Wayne, ProspectNow.com

7/30/2013 - Faye Kitariev, FayeKitariev.com
“Getting In The Zone”

7/23/2013 - Stephen Gregg - TheSalesCoachingPro.com

7/16/2013 - Joseph W. Brady - President, The Bradco Companies

7/9/2013 - Barry Eisen, Developmental Exceleration Inc., BarryEisen.com
“Mind – Your Own Business”

7/2/2013 - Chris Maling, Senior Vice President of Colliers Commercial
"Listings, how they are important & how to use them to get more business"

Chris Maling, Colliers

6/25/2013 - Glen Garrity, G2IdentityManagement.com
“Preventing Fraud in Real Estate”

6/18/2013 - Bob Pace - CommercialRealEstateInspectors.com
“Commercial Building Inspections Save Your Clients Money”

6/11/2013 - Real Estate Roundtable Seminars
Nancye Woodward - Escrows
Peter Wittlin - Attorney at Law - Real Estate
Joel Carlson - Department of Real Estate Instructor and R.E. Broker
Greg Jones - Commercial Real Estate Broker - Real Estate Developing

6/4/2013 - Ric Franzi, CriticalMassForBusiness.com
“Killing Cats Leads to Rats”

5/28/2013 - DARK

5/21/2013 - Larry Steinberg, The Steinberg Financial Group
“The Politically Incorrect View of the Economy”

5/14/2013 - Lee Allan, WholesalerInstitute.com
“Video is the new text! Video marketing and web analytics”

5/7/2013 - Ana Weber-Haber - Author, “The Money Flow”

4/30/2013 - John Moorlach, Orange County Board of Supervisors, Second Distric
"Orange County - One step forward..." (pdf)

4/23/2013 - James R. Wheeler III - Merrill Lynch

4/16/2013 - Steve Spierer, Attorney

4/9/2013 - Tony Grego, Director of Business Development, REISA (Real Estate Investment Securities Association)

4/2/2013 - “Creating A Dynamic Listing Presentation” - Brendan Erickson, REI Wise (PDF)

3/26/2013 - Real Estate Roundtable Seminars

3/19/2013 - Peter Wittlin, Attorney

3/12/2013 - Henry Wong, Wealth Planning Advisor, Sagemark Consulting
“Comprehensive Retirement Planning”

2/26/2013 - Marc Gold, Founding Partner - American Home Recovery Fund, LLC
AHRFund.com - “Investing and Selling Notes”

2/19/2013 - DARK

2/12/2013 - Tim O’Keefe - SpiderJuiceTechnologies.com
“Real Estate Online Marketing”

2/05/2013 - Joel Carlson - New Real Estate Laws.

1/29/2013 - J Scott Souders, Attorney
“Recent Developments in Real Estate Law”

1/22/2013 - DARK

1/15/2013 - Dino Champagne, Division Manager, Asset Preservation Inc.

1/8/2013 - Daryl J. Miller, Esq., Russell & Miller, LLP
“Estate Planning”

12/25/2012 & 1/1/2013 - DARK

12/18/2012 - Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
Joe DeCarlo, JDProperty.com
“Economic Forecast”

12/11/2012 - Geoff Kutnick, Partner, Rudeluv Designs.com “How to get clients through internet marketing”
12/04/2012 - The RIAOC Round Table Discussion- Special Event

11/27/2012 - Martin Brower, Coast Magazine, Columnist
“What’s Ahead for Orange County in 2013?”

11/20/2012 - DARK

11/13/2012 - Doug Wooley, Goodwill Community Development Director
“The Real Goodwill”

11/6/2012 - Steve Spierer, Attorney, Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
“How to Practice Real Estate Without Getting Sued”

10/30/2012 - Joel Carlson, Senior Advisor, Sperry Van Ness.
“3 Little Known Clauses in the Purchase Agreement that you NEED to know!”

David Rhodes, Attorney
“Some Lessons From Litigation:
How to Protect Yourself in Establishing and Managing a Real Estate Joint Venture.”

Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
Catherine Utley & Paul Salerno, JD, TFGroup.com
“Financial Planning for Real Estate Professionals”


10/2/2012 - Pete Wittlin, Attorney,
“Protecting Against Seller or Buyer’s Remorse ”

9/25/2012 - Gene Trowbridge, Attorney, GeneTrowbridge.com
“How the JOBS ACT is changing the real estate syndication business”

9/18/2012Rick Triola, President & CEO, Settleware.com
“E-Signatures- Tomorrow’s Future Today”

Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
Burton Young
President of Sperry Van Ness, Irvine Office
“How to Secure Your Financial Future”


Ruben S. Gonzalez,
Director of Sales and Marketing
“Branding Through Direct Marketing”

Steve Gronlund
“Turning Defeat and Depression into Success and Confidence”

Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event 
Patrick Stabell, QuoteOC.com
"Life and Liability Insurance for Real Estate Professionals"

Sheevaun Moran, Energetic Solutions Inc., SheevaunMoran.com
“Removing Obstacles to Achieve Success”

Harold Hofer, Co-Founder, Nexregen.com
“REITs – are they right for you and your clients?”

Nick Lieberman - Bona Fide Mortgage
Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear from one of our own!
Nick has been one of RIAOC's Great Assets for many years.

Sven Johnston
VP of Strategic Partnerships - GigaSavvy.com
“Social Media- Building and Managing Your Brand”

Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
James Rafferty, Energy Management Group, LLC
The Financial Benefits of Energy Saving Retrofits.

Nicky Avery
Smart Buildings and Smart Telecommunications

6/26/2012 - Joe DeCarlo, JD Property Management Inc. JDProperty.com
“Why is this a Good time to own Apartment Buildings” (Presentation is Here)

Earl Salter, Accountant, NorwalkBusinessService.com

6/12/2012 - Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
Sahar Rodriguez, CIC - Contemporary Information
“The Tenant Application Process”, How the Credit reporting system works and what does it mean.

6/5/2012 - Scott Matthew, Founder MobileBizFire.net
“Mobile Marketing for Real Estate”

5/29/2012 - DARK

5/22/2012 - J. Scott Souders, Attorney, “Recent Developments in Real Estate Law”

5/15/2012 - Michael Brennan, Attorney, “Trends in Foreclosures”

5/8/2012 - Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
Dan Dobbs, Mortgage Broker
Topic: “Financing Single Family Homes for Your Investment Portfolio”

5/1/2012 - Dennis Vaccaro, Senior Managing Director of Faris Lee Investments

4/24/2012 - Todd Creager, LCSW, LMFT, ToddCreager.com, “Discover your interpersonal power, and how you can have huge positive impact in your personal and work relationships.”

4/17/2012 - Cheryl Wyland, Escrow Officer/Director Burrow Escrow Services, Inc.
“They’re back! AITD’s & Contracts of Sale”

4/10/2012 - Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event (Flyer)
"Managing your Email with Microsoft Office." Unlock the power of MS Office to manage your email communications.

4/3/2012 - Earl McCoubrey, WCC Wholesale Capital Corp.
“How to Keep Yourself and Your Property Attractive to Lenders”

3/27/2012 - Peter Holzer, Attorney, “Hot Issues In Mechanic’s Lien Laws”

3/20/2012 - Pete Wittlin, Attorney - “Tips to Avoid Liability as a Real Estate Professional”

3/13/2012 - Real Estate DealMakers Series – Special Event
“The EB 5 Immigrant Investor Program"- A financing alternative in today’s constrained capital environment
Presented by – Global Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation specializing in Immigration Law

3/6/2012 - Vak Sambath, Pageable.com
“Tips on Social Media, Search Marketing, and Online Branding”

2/28/2012 - Michael Simpson,MichaelSimpsonSystems.com
“How to be a Million Dollar Producer and Learn the 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid”

2/21/2012 - DARK

2/14/2012 - "The Real Estate Dealmakers Series" Educational Series Seminar (8:30-10:30)
“The End of Redevelopment in California” Presented by Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, Attorney
Impacts of the Recent court ruling to abolish Redevelopment Agencies. (Registration)

2/7/2012 - Cleo Katz "This is a Jackpot Time for Investors”

1/31/2012 - Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach
“What Orange County Has Been Doing to Deal with the Economy”

1/24/2012 - "The Real Estate Dealmakers Series" Educational Series Seminar (8:30-10:30)
"Title Endorsements", - What you don’t know CAN hurt you!!!
Presented by: David A. Noble, Senior Underwriter Commercial Division Western Resources Title (More Info)


Darlynn Morgan, Attorney
“Estate Planning and Trusts””

1/3/2012 - DARK / 12/27/11 - DARK / 12/20/11 - Dark

Michael Stark has been Program Chair since 2010. Thank you Michael!