Welcome to the CRIA Designation!

What is the CRIA Designation?

The world of Commercial and Investment brokerage and the real estate industry is increasingly more complex. The Realty Investment Association Of California (RIAOC) has sought out instructors with many years of experience and practical knowledge in various fields of Commercial and Investment real estate. A Certified Realty Investment Associate (CRIA) is a member of RIAOC who has attended 12 sessions (6 Core + 6 Elective Courses) of the education series and passed the class exams. The exams cover the material presented in each session and are composed of 10 practical common sense questions on the instruction given in each class.
How do I Qualify?
Agents can register for individual sessions covering specific areas of interest or can make a commitment to pursue the CRIA designation. Upon completion participants receive a "Certificate of Designation," a CRIA lapel pin, and the right to add the letters CRIA to their letterhead, business cards and other correspondence. The right to use the CRIA logo is contingent on the agent’s continued RIAOC membership.

When are the Sessions?
Information on the date, time, location and subject of each session, held twice a month, is available on our web site, on flyers at the Education table at each general meeting, and in the RIAOC Gold Sheet.

What are the Sessions about?
The series covers the practical aspects of Commercial & Investment real estate. It is intended to help participants become more knowledgeable and professional in their dealing with clients and in transactions with other agents while serving their clients needs. Each session will be 2½ to 3 hours depending on the material, the instructor and the question/answer period. Sessions are repeated, so that if one is missed, it can be attended at another time.*

Session Topics:

Core (Mandatory) Courses:

1. Investment Property Financing

2. Commercial and Investment Deposit Receipt Forms

3. Mathematics of Investment Real Estate

4. How To Learn Client Counseling

5. Using Technology in Real Estate

6. Investment Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

Elective (Optional) Courses:

1. Property Management
How to Analyze and Market Investment Property
1031 Exchanges, The Practical Considerations
Fast Track to Business Opportunities
5. Introduction to Land Transactions
6. Commercial and Investment Leasing
7. How to Get Listings in Investment Real Estate
8. How to Work With International Buyers
9. Introduction to 2-4 Units, Income Property
10.Advanced Mathematics, Learning HP-10Bll
11.How to Manage Litigations or Stay Out of It
12. Learning the Escrow Process (Incl. Bus. Opts)

What is the cost?
The cost of each session will be determined for RIAOC members, Real Estate Students and non-members. (To receive the CRIA designation, a participant must be a member in good standing of RIAOC.) There is a fee of $20.00 to cover the cost of the framed "Certificate of Designation," the lapel pin and associated record keeping.

The educational sessions offered by RIAOC are "nuts and bolts" seminars with an emphasis on the practical aspects of Commercial and Investment brokerage. The instructors are experienced "hands-on" brokers and specialists in the Commercial/Investment real estate field. Participants are encouraged to ask questions to maximize their understanding from each session. Upon completion of the six Core classes and six of the Elective classes, a total of 12 sessions and passing the examination of each class, the CRIA designation will be awarded.

*Calculators and software are not required.


Bill Bailey
Real Estate Broker

Joel Carlson
Real Estate Broker,
CAR Instructor

Joe De Carlo
Real Estate Broker MBA, CPM,
CCIM, CRE, CAR Instructor

Dino Champagne
1031 Exchange Accommodator

Owen Dean
Real Estate Broker

Doug Hockett
Real Estate Broker, CCIM
CAR Instructor

Bob Howard
Real Estate Broker, Land Specialist

Greg Jones
Real Estate Broker

James Joseph
Real Estate Broker

Nick Lieberman, J.D.
Mortgage Broker, Attorney

Nita Pichedvanichok
Real Estate Broker, CCIM

Ron Schuster
Business Opportunity Specialist

Mel Wagstaff
Real Estate Broker

Larry Whitesides
Real Estate Broker

Nancy Woodward
Senior Escrow Officer

Be the first in your office to receive the CRIA designation!

Please direct inquiries to:

Education Committee Chairman
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Or come to a RIAOC meeting.
We meet most Tuesday mornings
See Meetings Page.
Network @ 7:30 - General Meeting @ 8:30 A.M.




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